WCAG AA and Articulate Rise


We recently fielded a question from a colleague related to accessibility in Articulate Rise. Their question was: “In practice, how does Articulate Rise conform to WCAG AA?” The tl;dr answer: Articulate has a report for how Rise conforms to WCAG criteria for A and AA. It provides good information, if you read the notes. Specifically, some criteria … Read more

How It Feels to be a First-Time Presenter (+ Accessibility Resources)

I live by the assertion that it’s vitally important to do the things you hate doing. I’m not suggesting you need to learn to enjoy said thing; I’m simply stating that you should occasionally challenge yourself to leave your “comfort zone.” Let me explain my stance with a personal example. In May 2021, I received … Read more

Resources for AIDC 2021

A man walks on the sidewalk past a sign shaped like a pencil that says "Love To Learn"

I am honored to present at the Accessible & Inclusive Design Conference 2021. Here are some resources I referenced in the presentation: Steven Lambert’s 12 Lenses of Accessibility Susi Miller’s book: Designing Accessible Learning Content A story about curb cuts and how they help everyone Writing good alt text Learning Ninjas Accessibility Primer Learning Ninjas … Read more

Sarah Facilitates ATD TechKnowledge Charity Hackathon

two people working on computers and reviewing notes at a table

We’re excited to announce Sarah will be leading a group of instructional designers and developers at the first ATD TechKnowledge Hackathon in San Jose today. This hackathon benefits Upwardly Global. There are about 2 million immigrants and refugees currently in the U.S. who have college degrees from their home countries but are unemployed or working … Read more

Brian on Inclusion and Accessibility on IDIOIC

Recently, I was invited to join Chris Van Wingerden and Brent Schlenker on Instructional Designers in Offices Drinking Coffee (IDIODC) to speak about accessibility and inclusion in learning. Watch the video recording. Also, be sure to check out our accessibility primer and resources. Drop us an email and let us know what you’re working on … Read more

Learning Ninjas is now Build Capable!
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