“It’s important for us to be intentional about the kind of work and organizations we say yes to.”

– Sarah Mercier, CEO

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Design and Implement Outdoors Leadership Program

Design, develop, and launch a volunteer leadership program for an external audience without using a learning platform.

Learning Ecosystem and Data Strategy for Financial Sector Organization

Learning Ecosystem strategic support to replace a traditional Learning Management System (LMS) and data strategy to align with organizational competencies.

Financial Literacy Mobile App for Department of Defense

Mobile application content and strategic support of a personal financial learning tool for United States Military service members and their families.

Game-Based Serious Comic Mobile Learning Experience

Design and develop a game-based parenting program for at-risk youth.

Advocate for Accessibility and Inclusion in Learning Experience Design

Support a community to help practitioners design accessible and inclusive learning experiences.

Reduce Trash in National Parks

Design and develop interactive elearning that teaches about the impact of trash in our national parks.

Registration Management Training and Performance Support

Develop skill-based and behavior change training to support staff and volunteers as they transition to a new activity booking and management platform.

Develop Programs for International Boutique Hotel Chain

Create an accredited, immersive online learning experience with spaced learning and assignments, and critical data capture for research.

Community-Oriented Police Training

Long-term initiative to develop national police training on topics such as cultural competence, non-confrontational interviewing, and de-escalation tactics.

Build xAPI Capabilities in the Learning Industry

Immersive online learning experience, xAPI Basics, that teaches practitioners how to implement xAPI in their elearning projects.

Custom Assessment Tool Expanded Feature Development

Implement custom assessments for our clients while continuing development of new features along our Capable® product roadmap.

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