Learning Ecosystem Support

Make better learning technology decisions, from development tools to delivery platforms. We will help you identify your specific requirements and plan integrated, effective learning ecosystems that deliver innovative learning experiences.

What is a learning ecosystem?

When we say “learning ecosystem,” we mean any technology, platforms, and tools that are part of, or associated with, the organization’s learning function. This includes learning experience platforms (LXP), learning management systems (LMS), learning record stores (LRS) and the Experience API (xAPI), Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions such as coaching tools and recommendation engines, open source solutions, enterprise integrations with human resources information systems (HRIS), content management systems (CMS), eLearning authoring software, social collaboration tools, and more.

What’s included:

  • Learning ecosystem mapping (current state)
  • Technology requirements and selection support (including RFPs)

What do vendors say about our platform requirements documentation?

This is a rare RFP which speaks not only to the training goals (this is even missing in some cases!) but also highlighting the key business objectives. This is vital for me to go beyond simply saying if [we] can meet the requirements as described to also highlight how other organizations approach similar problems and suggest alternative approaches. I think this can bring a lot of value to a customer, particularly one moving to eLearning for the first time. It’s also the first RFP I’ve seen with this level of detail on user personas. I love this because if we can’t meet the end user needs there’s no chance of creating a long term meaningful customer relationship and therefore no point in bidding. However, in cases such as this one when we can meet these needs it’s great for helping me craft meaningful examples in my response and point to similarities with other customers. Finally, I would add that it is well structured, easy to find important details, backed up with visual examples and clear on what the submission deliverables are.

– Learning Experience Platform Vendor
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