Accessible Links in Articulate Rise

My hope is that this is not an evergreen article and that Articulate will fix this quickly, because it’s a pretty big problem in terms of meeting accessibility standards in your Rise course(s). The best resource we’ve found recently about creating accessible links comes from Rian at A11y Collective: “The perfect link“. We should be … Read more

Resources for AIDC 2021

A man walks on the sidewalk past a sign shaped like a pencil that says "Love To Learn"

I am honored to present at the Accessible & Inclusive Design Conference 2021. Here are some resources I referenced in the presentation: Steven Lambert’s 12 Lenses of Accessibility Susi Miller’s book: Designing Accessible Learning Content A story about curb cuts and how they help everyone Writing good alt text Learning Ninjas Accessibility Primer Learning Ninjas … Read more

Supporting Caregivers with a Custom Assessment Tool

In the fall of 2018, Kat LaTosch, a diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) consultant, approached us to support a project. The goal was to evaluate the preparedness of communities to provide support for caregivers of aging populations. The non-profit, Area Agency on Aging 1-B, received a grant to design an assessment to help aging services … Read more

Thankful Ninjas

Table with notecard saying "thanks!" with pen next to it.

This month, we want to express our thanks, for health, employment, and peace. We hope you and yours are keeping well. We’ve all learned a lot this year. We ran an internal poll to ask about some things our team is thankful for. Here are some highlights: What are you most thankful for this year … Read more

The End of Flash: A Plan and Tool to Convert Your Content

A neon sign saying, "Change" in cursive lettering.

In 2017, Adobe announced it would “end-of-life” Flash in 2020. In the elearning industry, a lot of folks celebrated, and many more winced. At Learning Ninjas, we are excited about this announcement. The end of Flash is a huge win for the accessible and open web (and, in turn, online learning). We have been promoting … Read more