Supporting Caregivers with a Custom Assessment Tool

In the fall of 2018, Kat LaTosch, a diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) consultant, approached us to support a project. The goal was to evaluate the preparedness of communities to provide support for caregivers of aging populations.

The non-profit, Area Agency on Aging 1-B, received a grant to design an assessment to help aging services professionals, advocates, and community leaders measure how well their community systems support caregivers. We began by researching potential tools to find a short-term solution for testing the assessment questions and scoring model with a small pilot group.

Learning Ninjas was a pleasure to work with – they communicated well throughout the development of our community assessment tool. They worked with us to produce a high quality product and made suggestions to enhance the tool.

Amanda Sears – Grant Manager, Area Agency on Aging 1-B

Upon completion of our analysis, which included focus group research and user interviewing, we decided to build a custom assessment tool. This tool enables authors to build an assessment that provides users with immediate feedback and recommendations based on weighted scoring across multiple domains. Working with the talented Rob Christie, we designed and developed a tool that gives authors the freedom to change the weight of scores for each question, and also assign specific scores to each answer. This combination of specific score values and weight multipliers gives authors finite control over the scoring algorithm in a simple way.

Another unique feature is the real-time report generation. Each report is customized to the participant, providing specific feedback and guidance. Report settings, including content, scoring ranges, and feedback across different domains, are easily changed in the administrator interface. This allows administrators to update future reports to reflect recent events or data gathered, keeping feedback relevant.

They are very measured, very attentive to detail in collecting information about the user experience. Along the way, they routinely made excellent development suggestions and were flexible in accommodating our changing needs. We’ve worked with Learning Ninjas over two distinct phases in the development of this project and couldn’t be happier.

– Kat LaTosch, Director and Principal Consultant of LaTosch Consulting

You can read more about the agency’s amazing work and details about the Caregiver Friendly Communities Assessment, at the AAA 1-B website.

If you are interested in learning more about the tool or have a need for your own custom assessment, schedule a demo call with us.

Interested in helping us develop the next iteration of this tool? Schedule some time to chat with Brian.

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