Resources for AIDC 2021

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I am honored to present at the Accessible & Inclusive Design Conference 2021. Here are some resources I referenced in the presentation: Steven Lambert’s 12 Lenses of Accessibility Susi Miller’s book: Designing Accessible Learning Content A story about curb cuts and how they help everyone Writing good alt text Learning Ninjas Accessibility Primer Learning Ninjas … Read more

The End of Flash: A Plan and Tool to Convert Your Content

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In 2017, Adobe announced it would “end-of-life” Flash in 2020. In the elearning industry, a lot of folks celebrated, and many more winced. At Learning Ninjas, we are excited about this announcement. The end of Flash is a huge win for the accessible and open web (and, in turn, online learning). We have been promoting … Read more

Brian on Inclusion and Accessibility on IDIOIC

Recently, I was invited to join Chris Van Wingerden and Brent Schlenker on Instructional Designers in Offices Drinking Coffee (IDIODC) to speak about accessibility and inclusion in learning. Watch the video recording. Also, be sure to check out our accessibility primer and resources. Drop us an email and let us know what you’re working on … Read more

A Few Resources and Research on Designing Learning Experiences

We are helping one of our clients design an employee onboarding program. Our goal is to help their organization support new employees in locations across the country using a consistent, scalable approach while maintaining a strong community culture. To that end, we have recommended blended learning. While the approach you decide to take depends on … Read more

Learning DevCamp 2019

Sarah is presenting at Learning DevCamp in Salt Lake City. Her session is From Print to Screen: Interactive eBooks for Mobile Learning Tuesday, June 11 – City Creek – 8:30am to 10:35am Attendees: Download Session Files & Resources

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