Covert Communication – Winter 2013

Wow, what a year! We’ve been hard at work, mostly behind the scenes, in the shadows, and occasionally on rooftops. I’m proud of the projects we’ve selected and worked on this year.

We’ve been:

  • helping improve courses and support materials for the Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program;
  • working with Catholic Relief Services (CRS) on an Emergency Needs Assessment project through the LINGOs Global Giveback program;
  • providing expertise to help improve training for Military Family Readiness centers;
  • developing webinars and workshops so we can help push the learning industry forward.

We’re all excited about doing even more in 2014.

Below are some great resources we’ve curated for our final 2013 newsletter and our upcoming webinar offerings. Let us know if you have a project we can help with. See you next year!


Design Thinking For Educators

We’re very excited about digging into this and finding resources for all kinds of learning solutions.

Wait For It

In this blog post Stephen Anderson talks about the anticipation of the reward in a user experience. Instead of showing everything at once, make the user anticipate the reward in the user experience.

Are You Creating an Environment in Which Learning Can Thrive?

Relating the environment design to building a campfire, David Kelly gives advice and things to think about when setting up a successful learning environment.

Nuts and Bolts: Directions

“Sometimes we make it so hard for learners to learn, it’s no wonder they circumvent us.”

Best Practices For Interviewing Your Audience

Great interview between Connie Malamed (The eLearning Coach) and Steve Portigal, master of the user interview.

In January…

Kevin, Brian, Sarah, Sean and Judy are all presenting sessions at ASTD’s Tech Knowledge Conference January 22-24.

In February…

Sarah Gilbert delivers the first of her Rapid Mobile webinar series, Rapid Mobile: Organization, Research, & Design on February 25th.