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Interface Prototyping for E-Learning

“Don’t be intimidated by prototyping. Common office supplies can be used to build a very crude prototype to show to key stakeholders—and possibly even a few end users how the interface will function. The great thing about doing this type of prototyping is that they can be changed very quickly, making it easy to go through many iterations in just a few minutes.”

Excellent information on prototyping from Sean Putman, who will be presenting this session at ASTD Tech Knowledge in two weeks.

Learning Resolutions: Be Better, Not Right

“When you design this way, nobody has be defensive, and nobody’s reputation is at stake. You try some things, see how they work, and adjust.”

– Julie Dirksen

Defrag Your Brain with a Concept Diagram

Brian attended Scott’s session at the Penn State Web Conference and loved it.

Delivering On the Experience API

In this article Megan Bowe talks about the power and potential of the Experience API for organizations.

Immerse Yourself in Learning for 2014

In this blog post Koreen Olbrish Pagano talks about re-examining your design practices as you begin 2014.

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