Gathered Intel #10

This Week at Learning Ninjas: We have been designing scenario-based elearning with multi-level feedback loops inside of Storyline, and talking about how important the ecosystem is as we build interactive training and performance support solutions. If we don’t identify and capture enough of the right information from our content, we’re not doing our jobs. We need systems that enable … Read more

Quick Thoughts on xAPI Camp

This week we had the opportunity to attend xAPI Camp at the University of Central Florida’s Institute for Simulation & Training. We’re an early adopter of the Experience API and helped several organizations leverage it to gain more meaningful insights into learning content and experiences. This camp, however, blew us away. What an amazing room full … Read more

Picking the Right Solution for Learning and Performance with Judy Katz

Judy is delivering a webinar for ASTD Atlanta in April. If you have a plumbing problem that requires a wrench to solve, banging with a hammer (even banging really hard with a well-designed hammer) will only do so much good… and it might even make the problem worse. Stakeholders often come to us saying that … Read more

Covert Communication

Interface Prototyping for E-Learning “Don’t be intimidated by prototyping. Common office supplies can be used to build a very crude prototype to show to key stakeholders—and possibly even a few end users how the interface will function. The great thing about doing this type of prototyping is that they can be changed very quickly, making … Read more