Supporting Human Rights

From the very beginning, one of our core values has been giving back: to the elearning community; to our local communities; to global causes. Our belief that everyone deserves an opportunity to learn drives much of our charitable efforts toward human rights, education, inclusion, accessibility, and conservation.

We recognize that human rights in our country is in a state of emergency. Earlier this week, we made a $3,000 contribution to the ACLU to support their work in racial justice, LGBTQ rights, immigration, criminal justice, voting rights, disability rights, women’s rights, and free speech.

Please join us. We are committed to MATCHING YOUR DONATION up to an ADDITIONAL $5,000 for the month of June. Together, we can make a difference.

Donate through our Facebook fundraiser or donate directly and text us (844-844-1595) or email us a copy of your receipt and we will match.

With love and respect for all humans,
Sarah C. Mercier
CEO, Learning Ninjas

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