Covert Communication #1

Recommended Reading

Ninjas are always honing their craft, and one of the ways the Learning Ninjas sharpen our skills is by reading, and sharing valuable articles and publications. Here are some of our favorites from the past week, curated for you by Learning Ninjas.

Responsive E-learning for a Multi-Device World
I love this video on responsive design for learning content. Not all content and content delivery methods are right for all devices. It’s nice to see a key player in the learning industry focusing on responsive design. We should be leveraging emerging web technologies and techniques, not avoiding them. – Brian Dusablon

Let’s Stop Pretending
There are a great number of myths and poor assumptions made by learning and performance professionals. In this excellent post, Craig Wiggins calls out a number of them, and includes a number of linked resources to dig deeper into why we should stop pretending. – David Kelly

About Creative Commons
This is a great explanation of what Creative Commons licensing is, and how you can license your own work under a CC-license. While the perspective is definitely that of the content creator, the individual seeking to find and use materials for free will also find this information useful. Watch the short video, too–it gives a succinct and accurate overview! – Stevie Rocco

DemoFest 2012 Hangout
Sharing rocks, so for me, the highlight of each year’s DevLearn is eLearning DemoFest – an event where dozens of designers and developers gather to show off their work to industry peers, gain access to constructive feedback, and experience different design perspectives. If the thought of publicly presenting your work sounds intimidating, then watch this brief video to hear tips and pointers from past presenters (myself included) about what it’s really like to put yourself out there – and why you need to do it. – Trina Rimmer

Learning Live Conference – Curated Backchannel
There was a vibrant backchannel at the Learning Live Conference that took place in London earlier this month. This post curates the many resources that were shared during the event. – David Kelly

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From The Trenches: Building eLearning in the Real World
Brian Dusablon and Trina Rimmer
October 30th – 8:30 am to 4:30pm

The Secret Sauce to Better Storyboarding
Kevin Thorn
November 1st – 3:00pm – 4:00pm

Curation: Beyond the Buzzword
David Kelly
November 2nd – 8:30am – 9:30am

Quote of the Week

“Be the disruptor, not the disrupted”
– John L. Hennessy, President of Stanford University from ‘The Coming Tsunami in Educational Technology’